Announcement of the Competition Results for Stage I and the Invitation to submit Competition Entries in Stage II

The Competition Jury would like to inform the following identification studies were qualified to participate in Stage II of the Competition for the Development of the Urban Planning and Architectural Concept Design for the Renewal and Adaptation of the Blast Furnace in Pokój Steelworks in Ruda Śląska for the Tourist and Cultural Purposes (random order):


Guidelines of the Competition Jury:

  1. The Competition Jury would like to remind of the necessity to adapt all the proposed solutions to the current regulations, including but not limited to the Act of 19 July 2019 on ensuring accessibility for people with special needs.
  2. The Competition Jury would like to remind the Competition Participants that in Stage II of the Competition the descriptive part of the Competition Entry shall be submitted solely in an electronic version in PDF files using the Tender Platform at 
    The name of the submitted files should start with the Competition Participant’s Identification Number (the same as in the first Competition Stage) and there should be no ID number or any other symbols enabling to identify the participant submitting them in the file content or its properties, as well as on the boards reduced to A3 format. Chapter IV of the Rules of the Competition stipulates the provisions on retaining anonymity in detail.
  3. Competition Entries should contain drawings and descriptive part of structural and system-related solutions.
  4. According to the Competition Jury, the level of the Blast Furnace situated at ca. 32 m should be accessible to the general public (to visitors). The other, higher levels of the Blast Furnace do not have to be accessible to the public (to visitors), but their accessibility can be considered individually.
  5. The Competition Jury also decided that the high quality of the visualisations submitted in the identification studies enables to verify the proposed design solutions beyond any doubt which is why the participants should not attach a physical model (a mockup) of the entire designed building compound made to scale 1:250 at Stage II of the Competition. The mockup will not be considered as a design component.
  6. The Competition Jury decided to offer a more precise scope of the mandatory components of the Competition entry submitted in Stage II of the Competition which is why Chapter VIII of the Rules of the Competition gets the following wording:


Mandatory components of the Competition Entry:

A. Drawings sized 100 x 70 cm, i.e. models drawn to scale containing the graphic part, to the following scales:

  1. Site development concept plan to scale 1:200, with the functional layout and traffic connections, drawings of floor finishes, lighting and landscaping elements — further details of the solutions submitted in Stage I
  2. Layouts of all building floors drawn to scale 1:200, being further details of the solutions submitted in Stage I. Areas and names of rooms shall be entered on the layouts or in the tables on the drawings. It is necessary to consider the requirements included in the programme and functional guidelines being enclosure no. 2.1 hereto
  3. Typical cross-sections of buildings drawn to scale 1:200, in the scope enabling to understand the proposed spatial and circulation solutions, further details of the solutions submitted in Stage I
  4. At least 3 characteristic details drawn to scale appropriate to explain structural and architectural solutions
  5. One or two characteristic façade details drawn to scale 1:50
  6. building façades drawn to scale 1:200, at least 4 drawings presenting the entire building compound at all sides (western façade from Piotra Niedurnego Street, eastern façade from the Pokój Steelworks interior, northern and southern façades parallel to Piotra Niedurnego Street)
  7. Project’s phased execution diagrams
  8. Graphic presentation of the concept design of a permanent multimedia and interactive exhibition devoted to the Blast Furnace and “Pokój” Steelworks, together with the diagrams of routes for visiting the Blast Furnace, including vertical and horizontal circulation to the remaining rooms open to the public such as offices, café, lecture hall
  9. Perspectives and visualizations required to illustrate the concept design, at least four perspective overall “birds’ eye views” of the buildings from all directions of the world and characteristic interior views, visualisation of the main entrance to the building and of the designed composition from Piotra Niedurnego Street from the pedestrian level
  10. The drawings must be made using a legible and permanent graphic technology. It is recommended to make the cross-sections in black-and white. It is permitted to place some additional sketches, diagrams, drawings and visualizations on the drawings which will illustrate the project ideas and solutions
  11. The graphic part shall be presented on lightweight rigid drawings drawn to scale, sized 100 x 70 cm (vertical orientation). The number of drawings shall not exceed ten. The drawings should be numbered in the order of their presentation. Every drawing should have the black Identification Number against white background, with font height of 1 cm and the maximum width of 8 cm, placed in the upper right-hand corner of its front page

B. Descriptive part:

The descriptive part shall be submitted electronically in PDF files, using the Tender Platform at in the line marked with the title and symbol of this Competition.

The descriptive part shall contain:

  1. Description of the concept design of the adaptation of the Blast Furnace of Pokój Steelworks to the new functions, including the solution of the vertical and horizontal circulation, building availability to the disabled pursuant to the legal regulations, description of the concept of the permanent multimedia and interactive exhibition concerning the Blast Furnace and “Pokój” Steelworks
  2. Updated programme and summary table, the example of which is included in section 2 of enclosure no. 2.1. to the Rules of the Competition (Programme and Functional Assumptions and Guidelines for the Renewal and Adaptation of the Blast Furnace in “Pokój” Steelworks in Ruda Śląska for the Tourist and Cultural Purposes), complemented with all designed areas, including the circulation ones Please specify also the total cubage of the newly designed buildings.
  3. Specification of materials, structure description for buildings where the vantage point, exhibition, lecture hall, art gallery, café, entrance lobby and office rooms are located
  4. Description of the fire protection concept design, including but not limited to the historical Blast Furnace Compound
  5. Description of innovative and energy-related solutions to reduce the operation costs, providing further details of the description and solutions submitted in Stage I
  6. Description of the permanent multimedia and interactive exhibition concerning the Blast Furnace and “Pokój” Steelworks

The descriptive part should not exceed 14 A4 pages covered with Arial font with the minimum size of 10.

Moreover, the following shall be attached to the descriptive part:

  1. Updated information on the planned total gross costs of performing the works based on the Competition Entry, broken down into the project stages and the estimated total summary of costs
  2. Updated information on the gross cost of developing the design and cost estimate documents, including design supervision, considering the provisions of Material Terms and Conditions of the Agreement being enclosure no. 1.6. hereto
  3. Information presenting estimated annual costs of building maintenance, broken into estimated costs of heating, estimated electricity demand, estimated water demand, estimated costs of ongoing building maintenance, costs of lift maintenance, costs of ventilation and air-conditioning maintenance, as well as any other cost items known to the Participant
  4. Reduction of all drawings to A3 format

Please read the operating manual of the Tender Platform below:

Manual file for download

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