Pokój Steelworks

Pokój Steelworks was founded in 1840 by David Loewenfeld, Moritz Friedlander and Simon Loewi. In 1884, a basic Bessemer plant, and in 1887 an open-hearth steelmaking plant were created here. Following the plebiscite division of Upper Silesia, this region stayed in Poland and was called Nowy Bytom (since the proper city of Bytom was incorporated in Germany). In the interwar period, Pokój Steelworks was the largest plant of that type in Poland. In 1933, the first cold-rolling plant was opened, based on the invention by engineer Tadeusz Sendzimir.

The Blast Furnace in Pokój Steelworks

The Blast Furnance, existing today, was erected in 1968. It was built not far from where it is situated now, and then moved to the present location. Thanks to the technology employed, the Blast Furnace construction took only 105 days and not 1.5 years. 20 years later, in 1987, it was modernized and adapted to processing ferro-manganese. Consecutive repair works were performed in 1995–1997 but the production was restarted only in 2004. The blast furnace was damped finally for environmental reasons on 1–2 February 2005.

In late 2012, the facility was entered in the register of historical monuments based on the decision by the Silesian Voivodeship Conservation Officer and on 18 December 2018, following many years’ struggle, the Blast Furnace of “Pokój” Steelworks in Ruda Śląska became the property of the City.
There are plans to create an exhibition devoted to the history of the steelworks and steelworking in Ruda Śląska, a tourist route with a vantage point, a café or possibly also a restaurant, as well as a conference and exhibition room and office rooms in this facility. The Blast Furnace is to be opened to the residents.

We have obtained genuine industrial treasure for our resources which is likely to become a characteristic facility not only in the city but also in entire Upper Silesia.

President of the City of Ruda Śląska — Grażyna Dziedzic

Archived photos of the Blast Furnace